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Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.

How to identify automated trading system scams

Automated trading systems have transformed the financial world in several ways. These automated systems manage billions of dollars’ worth of assets, hedge funds and other market indices on a daily basis. But these robots haven’t been welcomed by ranchers, farmers, and industrial companies. Then the chances of things going awry during rogue computers is another aspect that needs looking into. Despite that, automated trading systems are on the rise and more and more people are using them.

While they have several advantages like allowing you to trade even while sleeping and when you have no time, providing opportunities to those with little or no knowledge to trade and the ability to diversify your investments the scene is riddled with scams and cons. There are several genuine automated trading systems while an equal number of systems that are fraudulent. Here are a few tips to identify scams.

Tips to identify scams

  • Sites trying too hard to sell: Looks do not deceive. If you come across an automated trading system with a website that looks too “sales’” and with claims that sound far from true then your antennae must be up. Legitimate sites will not demand bells and whistles to attract your attention. They will just state facts supported by genuine testimonials.
  • Unsubstantiated promises: Promises like you can make several thousand in one hour are a clear give away on the nature of the website. Any claims not supported by acclaimed systems and other legitimate results are fakes.
  • Third party testing: Okay so the developer does provide results but how can you be sure that they are authenticated. Only third-party verification ensures that a trading system has been genuinely tested. Backtesting is another method to confirm the authenticity of a system but experts believe that it is not a foolproof method.
  • Trial Period: Genuine trading platforms offer a trial period of 30 to 60 days. The trial period is most often free. If the site asks you to pay up even during trial period you might want to reconsider your choice.

Parting Words

The rapidly changing economic and political scenario across the globe play an important role in trading. As a result, automated trading platforms need to be upgraded frequently based on the changing scenario. One name that is in vogue now is quantum code; if you are wondering “is Quantum Code a scam,” the above points will help dispel the darkness and guide you in making a well informed and educated choice.


Anyone can join Facebook
All that’s needed to join Facebook is a valid email address. To connect with coworkers or classmates, use…More»

Anyone can join Facebook
All that’s needed to join Facebook is a valid email address. To connect with coworkers or classmates, use your school or work email address to register. Once you register, join a regional network to connect with the people in your area.«Less

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 Social Network


  • Overview
  • Though binary options have gained increasing demand and popularity it has to be weighed for its disadvantages before trading with it. There are many people who earn a good profit because of this trading. It has its own pack of advantages and disadvantages.

    When trading with binary options some of the advantages to be considered are:

    1. High returns: It has become the most popular trading option as it has very good high returns attached to it. The trader is known to earn back at least 70% of the investment back by trading with it. This is a rare feature seen in most of the trading options seen these days.
    2. Exciting to work with: Binary options trading is the most exciting trading software to work with. It is a short-term and fast-paced There are several opportunities created with this software to earn profits and that is definitely exciting for all who trade with it.
    3. Most easy and simple software: Binary options are the simplest way to trade and earn money. It is all about making a bet whether the price of a particular asset you are trading will rise or not as expected. It might rise or even fall below the number that you have placed the bet. In this type of trading, the money that you will win or lose is clear before you place the bet or the trade. Since all these aspects are very certain and clear binary options trading is considered as most simple and easy trading option.

    Disadvantages of trading binary options:

    There are certain disadvantages that come along with this trading.

    1. The terms and conditions: The regulations with this binary options robot are plenty. Since it is a very new idea of trading the rules and regulations are very strict. It is possible to be a prey of such unauthorized illegal brokers and you can lose money. So look out for one who follows the regulations laid by the regulating agency.
    2. The loss is big: The big disadvantage with this trading system is the losses incurred are huge. There is the possibility of losing 100% of the investment also. So initially trade with smaller amounts and watch out for loss or profit before you invest hugely.

    Decide and then take the risk of investing in binary trading options. This is not for everyone to trade with as the loss can be huge.

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MDJunction Overview

We founded the company in 2006 and launched the first version of MDJunction.com in September of that year with only one support group and limited community features but with a BIG belief in the power of People Helping People.

Today MDJunction is home to more than 630 Online Support Groups each dedicated to one health challenge, a place where thousands of patients meet every day to discuss their…More»

Nowadays trading has become easy for the budding up traders with no experience by using binary options in which they can use robots and make them a link to one of the best broker which help them to invest money on a particular asset and help them to gain the returns for invested money. Sometimes the trader may also face loss and lose the investment with zero returns which are a pain for them. And people are not aware of how binary system works and what use of robot and brokers in it is. Finding the best robot for your trading is not an easy task as there are wide chances in binary options and the popularity has been increased a lot in recent years.

Free robots are available for binary trading options, the pay for this robot will be made by the broker and you can use the robot for purpose of trading.Although most systems are free of charge, it is unreasonable to consider every other offer just because no payment of fees is required.And usage of free robot blindly without doing research may cause risk to your investment. And the fraud robots for binary options will promise you high returns with no risk. Advantages of using free robots are that they are user-friendly and they perform automatic trading with one touch which is easier of trading instead of sitting all day and wasting your time just to push a button.

To use the free robot, you need to register on software and then remaining is auto-piloted, the algorithm program designed in computer helps the system for creating and implementing the trades. The program that is set in system send the trading signals which helps the robot to place the trade and it also can be done manually.

There are various advantages you have using a free robot like you can stop loss, it is functional 24/7, it does not work emotionally rather it works based on the signal, they also reduce human errors, can set a number of transactions that robot can do and set the expiration time.

The disadvantage of automated robots is that, there are too many robots available in the market and without proper research, you may sign to a fraud robot which is a risk to your investment. To perform the trades these robots require an internet connection without any disturbance if there is any disturbance or glitch it may lead to huge loss or it may perform wrong trades. To read more about free robots for binary options visit us.

Today MDJunction is home to more than 630 Online Support Groups each dedicated to one health challenge, a place where thousands of patients meet every day to discuss their feelings, questions and hopes with like minded friends.
It is a proven way to find information, comfort, support and friendship with people who are in your spot and understand you best.

MDJ (as we like to call it) was built from the ground up with lots of help from our members and leaders, reaching new heights every month! It is already a prominent force in the health/social network vertical, helping thousands of people better their lives every day.«Less


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The binary auto trading software uses binary signals to generate trading opportunities. Read full post. This is calculated based on a mathematical formula and by analyzing the market. Lots of economic and political news and data is considered before the trade signal is generated. The software reads these data in real time and they are able to give accurate trading decisions using those data.

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Playfish Overview

Playfish is a social games company that develops and publishes video games on social networks like Facebook.

Are you worried about the big break in your career? You must also be concerned about losing touch with your area of profession. How can you compete with the upcoming highly competitive freshers in the matter of subject knowledge? Sit and read the high piles of the academic books?? Not at all practical in a short time when you have other big responsibilities in your own family and your books are of much older editions.


I faced the exact situation a few months ago when I planned to restart my profession but realized that I was far behind the status of the subject. While I was conversing with a newly found friend of mine who was working in the same profession as mine, but till more recently, the idea of venturing into Forex trading came into my way.


How I made the out-of-subject profession as a subject-oriented career


I did not have any experience in the sector of finance and economics nor did I know anyone working in the trade market. After many weeks of research and reading of helpful resources, I became familiar the concepts, terms, trading processes and multiple ways of entering the market. I found out a way in which I can:

  • Earn quick money
  • Stick to my old profession of engineering
  • Bow the seeds of entrepreneurship, and
  • Stay at home and manage household responsibilities


Trading has become very much online now and a part-time activity for many traders. Trading algorithms have become the trend now and with every improvised trading robot, comes increasing number of customers. I found my space precisely here and to create a trading algorithm I required the following technical support:

  • Reliable computer hardware and software combination
  • Knowledge of statistics and probability
  • Logical methods of decision-making
  • Working knowledge of computer scripts and programming languages


Being a former software engineer, these requirements were readily available to me and all I had to do was to brush up some forgotten basics and the recent technical developments. Everything was set and I made myself updated about the current trends in the market and the direction to build the robot to extract the most critical market data and give out the most accurate trading instructions to the users.


The demo was run, the trial was done and the first recipient was me, the second being my friend. My algorithm is now on a high with more users coming and I am on a high with trying to make my creation the most competitive.

Founded in October 2007 by casual and mobile games veterans and backed by Accel Ventures and $4M in funding, we believe games are more fun when played with friends and family. So we are working on combining the best elements of casual games, social networks, MMOGs and virtual worlds to…More»

Founded in October 2007 by casual and mobile games veterans and backed by Accel Ventures and $4M in funding, we believe games are more fun when played with friends and family. So we are working on combining the best elements of casual games, social networks, MMOGs and virtual worlds to create entirely new, more social ways of enjoying great games together.

Playfish is headquartered in London, UK with offices in Beijing, China and Tromsø, Norway.«Less

 271 Regent Street London W1B 2ES United Kingdom Map it »
 Entertainment / Game

Coverity Overview

Coverity’s static source code analysis solutions automatically enable better software quality by providing development teams with tools to systematically measure, analyze, and improve both the inputs to the software production process and the results produced.

The broad areas of study to trade in the market are financial analysis and technical analysis. The financial analysts look at the income and the balance sheet to find investment opportunities. They look at the intrinsic value of the security and then understand whether the security is overvalued or undervalued. The other branch is technical analysis which the trading software like the Orion Code review uses.


What exactly is intrinsic value? The analysts want to find out if the share price of the company is expected to appreciate from the current price. They can expect the price to appreciate only if the current price is below the price that they think should be the right price of the security. This means that they think that the security is undervalued now. The intrinsic value gives the answer to the question, what do you think should the share price actually be?


Equity analysts want to seek the inherited value of the share and they then compare it to the current price of the market and this lets them determine whether they should be a buyer of the security or not.


A technical analyst studies the historic price of the stock and it looks at patterns to find out the real value of the security. Some important patterns that are seen are double top, head and shoulder and double bottom patterns. The upper limit is a resistance and when the price reaches close to it you should sell because it is an area of supply and the price should fall from that level. The lower end is the support level for the stock.

As software systems evolve over time, Coverity helps production teams easily understand and manage changes made to the source code and…More»

 185 Berry St. Suite 2400 San FranciscoCA 94107 Map it »
 Other Software

Fouts Electric Overview

Headquartered in Moorpark, California, Fouts Electric Corporation provides a comprehensive range of electrical services to construction projects in the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas of California. For more than 22 years, Fouts Electronic Corp. has assisted in more than 2,000 construction projects, providing services that include engineering, designing, building, consultation, and budgeting

Become A Tester For The Tesler App

When you have a strong backup and support from the other traders for a particular website or application, it is definitely worth trying to deposit money here for such recommendations and comments are generally the guides that would lead a trader towards the right path. The main aim of any trader stepping a foot into the trading market is to earn a profit and this is very much a possibility when you decide to make your investments through the windows of the Tesler app. This is a proven, certified software that has benefitted many traders and has helped many of them to come out with huge earnings and profits.

Tesler- a detailed review

This is a new entrant into the trading market that has come out successfully through the various tests and investigations. It was a very simple and easy journey for this software because it was formed and framed only to help the traders and hence it did not suffer any hiccups. This app completely works on the Lead pattern that carefully and intensely analyses the market trends and comes with accurate results about their movements. This is something very important for all trading platforms and for the traders which would help them in taking the decision of making their deposits on a particular asset.

The number of asset options presented to the traders is huge and they are free to make their deposits on one of them after a thorough analysis of their present and past movements. It is after many years of research and study that this app has been introduced into the market and hence it is very clear that this operates in the market with the real and good intentions of helping the traders have a good trading experience. All the trading strategies and plans are all clearly explained to the traders well in advance, even before they decide on the asset to be traded and this gives them an idea about how the trade would go and what would be the after effects if a particular strategy is followed.

All these strategies are not standard ones framed by the software but are the ones that have brought victory to few of the regular traders operating here and hence these could be considered a good way to start trading especially for the new traders. So do not miss out on this review and the app for this is full of opportunities and benefits and you will realize it once you start trading here.

Scott Fouts, who serves as the company’s president, founded the Fouts Electric Corp. in 1989. Fouts has nearly 30 years of experience in the electrical industry, and has worked on a wide variety of construction projects including hospitals, industrial parks, surgery centers, and manufacturing plants. Because of Fouts’ expertise, Fouts Electric Corp. is frequently hired as a consultant to engineering firms during the design stage of construction.«Less

5238 Kazuko Ct.MoorparkCA 93021Map it »

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Netflix Overview

Netflix, Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) is the world’s largest online movie rental service, providing more than 8 million subscribers access to more than 100,000 DVD titles plus a growing library of more than 10,000 choices that can be watched instantly on their PCs. The company offers nine subscription plans, starting at only $4.99 per month. There are no due dates and no late fees – ever. All Netflix plans…More»

I still remember the time I was trying to explore how to Netflix from my PC when this folder opened on my browser.

Usually, out of habit my first instinct is to shut close the folder but something caught my eye on that folder and I started reading what exactly it was all about.

Looking back, I am so glad that I stopped and read it. It was about trading software called the quantum code. I had heard about online trading but had never even given it a thought. I thought it was too complicated to even understand and so decided that it probably may not be my cup of tea.

I realized how wrong I was:

I only followed the instructions on the website and opened a trading account with them and you wouldn’t believe how surprised I was when I profited immensely in the first week itself. I was so pleased with myself that I ordered for a subscription on Netflix. I mean it was like god sent.  Let me tell you that I have never had any breaks in my subscription to Netflix ever and it is entirely funded by my profits on online trading on this site. Life is so easy when you make the right decision, not?! Check it out now.

 970 University Avenue Los GatosCA 95032 Map it »
 Entertainment / Game

HealthEngine Overview

HealthEngine.com.au is an Australian-based medical search engine that allows the general public and physicians to search for general practitioners, surgeons, and medical specialists across Australia. The engine also allows the user to search for day surgery locations and locations of public and private hospitals.The search is dynamic and each result allows multiple links across the datbases to…More»

If you have been a trade enthusiast for long but have been apprehensive and not very confident about decision making but would love to see how you can spike the amount by investing a portion, then the binary options robots like Fintech are the best way to try your hands at trading. This robot is a safe bet as it takes care of the most part of the trading operation and only minimal interference from a person is expected. This makes great advantage for starters who are not well versed in the techniques or have minimum market knowledge.

The trading robot has another advantage where all the online brokers are regulated and authorized. Unlike other web portals which have all random brokers who might or might not charge any brokerage commission. This one robot also has very attractive returns when you invest over the 80 percent limit. Now, when your investments are higher, it simply means the profit rates are higher too. This means that the risk associated with the robot is minimal and that is the reason all newbie trade enthusiasts could try this without any doubt. Please click the following post for details on the trading robot!

What is unique is how this trading app could be operated alongside any operating system. You do not have to download anything or install on your smart device to start using this robot. This is completely browser-based and all you need is a decent internet connection with a basic computer or a smart device like a mobile phone. You need not be a computer pro or know anything technical to operate this robot and would be surprised with how simple the working is and how user friendly the whole platform is.

Once you log on to the website, you need to register by filling up a simple form with basic details. This will take a minimum amount of time after which you can personalize your interface. You could align the risk factor in such a way with this robot that there will be only minimal risk associated with each and every transaction of yours. Also if you have had a mentor and have always wanted to set up the interface similar to theirs, you could choose to do and see the variables that you want to prioritize. A bare minimum amount of registration fee which is used to initiate a transaction needs to be funded and once it is done, you are online and could start trading!

 Other Healthcare

Working OfQprofit System

This new investment stage is very basic and natural which has been optimised in such a way that it makes it easy to understand and explore. It is also said to be effortless for not only the people who are experienced in this field but also the newbies and also suitable for novices device.

The main principle behind this is that it can run on full autopilot mode. You need not take any special training to use this software like you have to undergo a learning curve for other software. You are just a few clicks away and all set to start the investment.

Detailed Working OfQprofit System

According to the founder, this scam software makes use of algorithms that make use of trajectory predicting technique to predict the value of every trading instrument. It is also said that the same system is used to monitor the movement of stars by NASA. The main reason why the new traders are falling into this trap is that it is user-friendly and the controls are very easy to adjust. And also, it is completely automated and all you need to do is log in, monitor and adjust the parameters.Straight from the source.

There Are Only A Few Steps Involved

  1. You need to complete the registration form by filling out your permanent details and press the submit button.
  2. Next, you need to decide and deposit minimum brokers requirement which is said to be $250 and your account will be activated.
  3. The third and the final step is to deposit the finalized amount and from there after the recommended broker will manage and control your account.

After providing all the necessary details it redirects you to safe and trusted brokers page using identification code with unique initials. After this, the robot will start generating uniform returns. You can withdraw your money anytime you, please.

Once you think that you have generated enough profit and willing to draw the profitable amount, all you need to do is submit a request to your respective broker. The withdrawal request will be processed in a couple of business days. Verify your identity saying that you are the owner of the investment account and the money will be transferred to your personal account.

You have the full liberty to stop the autopilot whenever you want or else it will stop making trades when it reaches the turnover mentioned at the beginning. It makes all the difficult analysis and runs the prognosis for you. You also have full freedom to manage the asset price movement to make investments manually provided you have done research on how to analyze on your own.