UltraDNS Overview

Founded to meet the new technical and operational challenges of the communications industry when the U.S. government mandated local number portability in 1996, NeuStar has evolved to create customer-responsive technologies that deliver a broad range of essential clearinghouse capabilities for service providers. Our clearinghouse enables delivery of traditional services more efficiently and deployment of new services more rapidly than ever before.

NeuStar’s UltraDNS provides solutions to organizations that rely on DNS for their critical business processes, applications and services, delivering superior security, reliability and performance. With the growth in e-commerce and the emergence of advanced DNS-based communication services, organizations can no longer rely on traditional approaches to DNS.

InMobi Overview

nMobi, formerly mKhoj, is a global mobile ad network offering mobile web advertising solutions to its partners. InMobi helps advertisers serve their ads to consumers on the mobile internet websites that they browse. The targeting technology at InMobi ensures that these ads are served to the right audience based on several parameters such as handset, geography, type of website to . This ensures highly relevant ads to users hence attaining highest ROI for advertisers. The owners of these mobile internet sites, also called publishers, earn consistently high revenue from the advertisements shown on their pages thus maximizing the benefits of their mobile property

Paragon Lake Overview

At Paragon Lake, our philosophy is simple: Help independent jewelers deliver customized fine jewelry in a way that is both easy and accessible to consumers. We believe that every piece of jewelry should be tailored to the needs of the customer, and we are committed to working exclusively with jewelers passionate about perfection in every piece.

Since founding in 2006, Paragon Lake has been serving customers in the United States and Canada with custom pieces cast in gold, platinum, and palladium. Each piece is crafted at the time of purchase, and the quality of our craftsmanship is guaranteed. We take pride in sourcing the diamond and gems featured in our pieces and abide firmly by the Kimberly Process. You can trust that every diamond or gem you find in your piece is the quality you requested, and we prefer to use certified diamonds whenever possible