This is how I uncovered the truth about this fraudulent software

I was saved by a hair!

I was in constant fear of losing my job because if the grapevine was to be believed, there was going to be a downsizing in the company and there was nothing anyone could do. The recession and the subsequent development had an untold effect on the industry that I worked in and all I could do was that in the course of next three months was pray that I am not the one who had to go.

Of course, downsizing was tough and it would be hard on anyone to go. But hey, the corporate world is ruthless, did someone say? So, there is no place for emotions really. I could not even begin to think what would happen to us because we had only recently bought a house on mortgage and just begun our family. I knew something as bad as losing my job now was only DISASTROUS!

I started working out my plans:

I was browsing one day when I see this folder open and in it I read about trading software called the blazing trader. It claims that it has made a lot of people into millionaires even while it was in the testing phase.

You know I am desperate, so I click on the link and try to explore. The story on the homepage is so convincing. Or is it? It talks about how a handsome professor from the NIT, Zurich, Switzerland has devised a way to predict the movement of the shares and stocks and that can help to trade and make enormous amount of money!

I am excited!

Yes, I was!!

Here I was losing my job and here I realize that I don’t need to fret about it at all. I can open a trading account on the site and then without going even outside to work, I could rake in thousands daily as profits. I rubbed my hands and was delighted.

So, I am about to transfer the money from my bank when I realize something!

I had to transfer $250 into a newly opened trading account and then when the request was just about to be logged in, I realized that I would have to over draw. My account had a few dollars less. I decided to up m account the next day so that I don’t have to pay charges for overdrawing on my account. So much for prudence, I say!

The next morning, I check my mails and in it I find a link that takes me to a binary option trading website reviewing agency. They seem to have the good intention of showing people the best ten places to invest in. They also have a section in which they review if any particular software is a legit or not.

I couldn’t believe that the software that I had chosen was on the top of the list of frauds. I was flabbergasted and relieved at the same time. What timing!

I later checked their website again and realized that I had indeed overlooked some of the sure signs of a fraud!