2Large2Email is developed on cloud computing infrastructure, which simply means the product operates totally in cyberspace, reducing the need for users to store files on their hard drives. This structure, combined with almost unlimited scalability means 2Large2Email can grow with the customer base, always delivering a reliable and safe method of transferring large files.

“Simply stated, email accounts can’t handle large file attachments, forcing people to copy material to CD and courier the disc,” said Mackay. 2Large2Email reduces the need for couriers and FTP servers, which are too complicated for people without an IT degree.

Mackay continued: “our product is really very simple to use, very cost-effective, and very reliable. By being able to quickly and easily send large files, companies enjoy productivity improvements because they can focus on what they’re good at, rather than wasting time with overnight couriers and unreliable email attachments.”



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