6th Sense is an innovative new service that allows you to find people through your cell phone who share your common interests. But not just any people, these are people who are right near you, often times close enough to walk right over and strike up a face-to-face conversation. Perhaps the girl at the end of the bar shares your same love for travel, or a person in the train is in your same industry, or that guy waiting at the baggage claim went to your school — no wonder he sort of looked familiar. Do you know how many opportunities or interactions you’ve missed today? Let 6th Sense help you find out. Want to learn more? Take the tour. Or join now, it’s free! 6th Sense is brought to you by an enthusiastic and dedicated team. We are in our Beta phase, and we appreciate your patience, we’re working hard to add and improve features. Don’t hesitate to send us any questions, comments, or feedback that you might have.