8500 Hilltop Rd. Fairfax, VA


Located at 8500 Hilltop Rd. in Fairfax, VA, the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) fulfills a dual purpose: supporting Saudi students in the United States and sharing information about Saudi culture. SACM supplies an abundance of information on its website, geared toward students. The group provides advice regarding preparing to move to the United States, studying English, and becoming acclimated to American culture. In addition, SACM serves as a liaison between American universities and the Saudi government.

SACM operates from its office at 8500 Hilltop Rd. in Fairfax, VA. While it functions as a part of the Saudi Embassy in Washington, SACM also communicates regularly with the Saudi Ministry of Education. The organization began in the early 1950s in New York as part of the country’s mission delegation to the United Nations. Over the years, SACM has staffed as many as five offices across the United States.