Interior design and construction trade professionals will find a lot to like at Lightology’s Chicago showroom. Located at 215 West Chicago Avenue, Lightology is North America’s largest contemporary lighting showcase, with products from more than 400 manufacturers. Lightology’s commercial customers will find a wide selection of tech lighting, monorail lighting, low-voltage lighting, and cable lighting, along with fixtures by some of the world’s leading contemporary designers, such as Mariano Fortuny, Isamu Noguchi, and Philippe Starck.

Things To Notice That Ring The Bell

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Let’s Understand How Predicting Trajectory Is Useful

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Lightology aims to offer the world’s best contemporary lighting products, both in their showroom and on the website, Imported fixtures are tested to ensure they meet all U.S. standards before they are offered for sale. In addition, Lightology strives to provide competitive prices and outstanding customer service, demonstrated by its price-match-guarantee program and one-year warranty on all products sold, excluding bulbs.

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