Acagi was formed in April 2004, and its goal is to change the way visual information is processed. Using its proprietary technology, Acagi enables images to immediately contain data meaningful to interpretation and exploitation at the collection point, in real time, prior to transmission, editing, and/or storage. This process allows rapid availability of information to make complex, immediate and far-reaching decisions.

Acagi’s Image Acquisition and Exploitation Camera System (IAECS) is a self-contained device that supports metadata extraction at the point of video capture, eliminating the need for field crews to physically travel back to a central hub to complete this task. Coupled with increasing on-camera data storage, on-site metadata extraction is a critical component in the ongoing movement of news media towards ubiquitous, real time content gathering and dissemination.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
06/01/07 Series A 0.05M TEDCO, APG Unknown


Peter Spatharis (Founder/CEO)

Molly Boyle (VP Operations)

Tom Wragg (VP Sales & Marketing)

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