was started in 2006 as a side project of the founder, Chris Hathaway, to try and address a need discovered through his work and study in data extraction. The World Wide Web, while comprehensive and full of valuable information, often lacks organization and portability, siloing data into closed proprietary systems. While this aspect of the Internet can be credited for its massive exponential growth, it is also to blame for its biggest weakness: the inability to find what you’re looking for.

The goal of AggData is to play a small part in making this sought-out data more accessible, portable and reliable. That small side project in 2006 is now a company of 4 employees, with over 120 pieces of AggData, continuously growing month after month. We are a virtual company with the tools, resources, and flexibility to handle your data extraction and collection needs, and we have provided valuable service to many large corporations, including Petco, Nike, and Morgan Stanley.