AirWalk Communications

AirWalk Communications has re-defined how CDMA wireless networks are deployed. As cell phone users have become increasingly savvy and dependant on the technology, capacity requirements have risen rapidly, leaving providers with a need to expand quickly and offer high-speed data services.

When faced with expanding wireless capacity, service providers no longer need to invest in costly equipment and struggle through tedious implementations only to realize they have inadequate capacity and missed potential revenue. The AirWalk platform has made these challenges a part of history by unleashing an innovative IP network architecture.

Wherever and whenever coverage is needed, AirWalk has a solution. Ideal for situations requiring unique or enhanced coverage, AirWalk is the preferred platform for urban in-fill, hotspots, blind spots, enterprises, rural highways, small towns, home offices, and even maritime and airborne environments.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
12/01/03 Seed 8M TL Ventures, Korean Global IT Fund Unknown
10/01/06 Series A 15M Sevin Rosen Funds, TL Ventures, Alta Berkeley, Duchossois Technology Partners Unknown
01/01/08 Series B 10M Sevin Rosen Funds, TL Ventures, Alta Berkeley and Chicago’s Duchossois Technology Partners, Nedelco Inc. Unknown



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