Algenol Biofuels Inc. is introducing it’s DIRECT TO ETHANOL™technology.

• Algenol Biofuels is an innovative algae to ethanol company.

• Algenol has the most advanced 3rd generation biofuels technology producing ethanol from algae through a process powered by the sun.

• Algenol’s technology produces industrial-scale, low-cost ethanol using algae, sunlight, CO2, and seawater.

• Algenol is slated for commercial sales of ethanol in 2009.

• Algenol does not use food, farmland, or fresh water.

• Algenol produces ethanol at a rate of over 6,000 gallons per acre per year.

• The Direct to EthanolTM process links photosynthesis with the natural enzymes to produce ethanol inside each tiny algae cell.

• The Direct to EthanolTM technology is the only end-to-end commercial process that stabilizes and reduces CO2 levels. Algenol puts CO2 to work.



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