At Anametrix, our vision is to become the wheelhouse of all data, the one place where marketers can see, analyze, and act on the data they have – whatever the data is and wherever it comes from. The biggest challenge companies have in marketing today is that everything lives in silos. The marketing organization now includes web analysts, social media community managers, and email marketing teams – who all leverage different tools to manage the effectiveness of their own operations. But you don’t invest all your marketing dollars in just one channel; so why would you want to “optimize” departments as if they were islands. If the marketing team is doing a bulk of their analysis in their separate silos, tapping into disparate data sources and tools to try to make sense out of the mountain of data, they will miss opportunities and waste considerable amounts of time looking for the needle in the haystack…in an ever-larger haystack!


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
10/01/12 Series A 4.4M TVC Capital Unknown



AbsolutData: It's no secret that we live in an unprecedented age of information that our business predecessors… See Company Profile »

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