Apica is a Swedish based company which provides internet based applications and solutions for advanced performance- and loadtesting of different kinds of web applications and platforms. The tests will measure capacity and availability of web sites and its adjacent applications server environments. With Apica’s applications and solutions, a customer is able to quickly and efficiently increase the quality and availability of business critical a web platform. The company has offices/test centers in Sweden (Stockholm) and approx. 40 measurement agents across the Nordics, Europe and USA, as well as capacity for load testing at surpassing 4 Gb of web traffic.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
05/01/07 Series A 0.73M KTH Chalmers Capital Unknown
07/01/11 Series B 2M Industrifonden, ALMI Invest, KTH Chalmers Capital Unknown
07/01/12 Series C 5M SEB Venture Capital Unknown



LoadStorm.com: Our service is used for load testing web applications and databases. See Company Profile »

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