Wisteria House Products LLC, creators, developers and makers of the Armadillo Dollar and Armadillo Card Shield, co-brandable products that keep your information private from RFID (radio-frequency) hacking! 40 billion RF cards are used for door access, 270 million debit and credit cards will have RF tags in them by the end of 2008, and the new REAL ID driver’s licenses mandated by the Dept of Homeland Security will broadcast your information as you move about. All of these are hackable. We have the RF hardware protection that works better than any other product, covers the currently commercial ID broadcasting frequencies and keeps the user safe.

Protect your identity, protect your money, become invisible from RF tracking, show prestige, and get peace of mind by putting a firewall in your wallet with an Armadillo Dollar!

www.ArmadilloCardShield.com (for the promotional products market)