Automattic Overview

Automattic is a web development and blogware company which can attribute much of its success to its popular blog platform, an adaptation of the open source WordPress project.

Automattic has created over 25 plugins for your blogging needs ranging from simple blog graphs and stats to its function changing Blicki (blog + wiki) feature.

Infact, the first time I learnt about trading in binary options was from a word press blog that someone in the US had written. It was still in the nascent stages then and it made me wonder f the model of trading would work out or would it be a damper.

Today, almost a decade later, I know that trading in binary options is a big thing. Unfortunately, a lot of software program like the QProfit System Review of which you can read here have taught people that not all the software that you see on the net are authentic.

Just because a couple of software is popular, it does not make them legit. Infact, you know that you cannot trust any trading software with your eyes closed unless proved otherwise.

The proportion is really skewed:

For every single legit software there are hundred fraud ones that are trying to ride on its back. The legit trading software has nothing to lose by the way because it is happy serving the right number of people. Who is affected by the way is the honest and unsuspecting trader who thinks all the trading software are the same and blind-fold trusts them!


What is don’t understand is why people hasten into trading when they can take their own sweet time to do a thorough research on the website they deliberate on trading and then take a call. There are blogs by hundreds of people who have been similarly duped by software that have overnight vanished after they have been able to stash away a big booty!

The fraudsters are emboldened:

The fact that the traders are so lack a daisical in their research that they don’t even care if they are actually throwing their hard earned money down the drain has emboldened these crooks. They think that the newbie traders who are too lazy to read reviews and testimonials on the internet and at the same time rash in investing lots of money will never know that they are being victimized till it is all over and they have done away with the money already.

There is not verifiable address or phone number on the website:

To make the matters worse, these traders still invest in sites where there is not even trace of a verifiable physical address or a phone number. Imagine! It is acrimonious to fleece simpleton traders like that and it is acrimonious for traders to waste their money like that by giving it to greedy crooks. You rather help a family in need with that money and you would know that it is not going down the drain. You can become a good Christian at least!


There are more than a million blogs hosted by Automattic, with thousands of new ones created each day.