We founded Babelway in 2007. Our goal was to simplify the automation of data exchange between business partners. It remains so today.

Our solution simplifies the whole process of B2B data integration right across the board. From collecting specifications to controlling systems, issues and maintaining data exchange flows. For faster, functional and flexible data exchange capabilities.

We believe the world would be a better place if data flowed fluidly between companies. For us this is a work domain in its own right. All too often, add-on’s are plugged into the existing IT environment that create more costs than they avoid. Automated data exchange is our only focus and chosen field of activity. We don’t do anything else. Because of this we are keen to generate partnerships with complementary experts. We’re just one piece of the jigsaw. We are the glue between applications, a tool for process experts and a godsend for administrative staff.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
03/01/07 Series A 0.8M E-merge, Resultance Consulting, Sherpa Invest Unknown


Mathieu Pasture (Founder and Technical Director)

François Van Uffelen (Founder and Managing Director)

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