is dedicated to helping business professionals search, network and grow throughout every stage of their career, business and life. Through a diverse network of over 11,000 general, local and niche industry web sites and online communities, ( enables business professionals, companies, agencies and vertical communities to connect with each other. provides technology, products, services, tools and resources in many industries, including: careers and recruitment, education, certification and training, search engines, life management, personal and professional networking.’s family of online brands (e.g., SearchSimpleton, CollegesNow) delivers cutting-edge software, technology, customer service and sales, enabling its partners, vendors and affiliates the ability to focus on their core business while driving additional traffic and generating predictable and incremental revenue.


Gary Stauber (Director of HR)

Ralph Godfrey (Board Member)

Curtis Cluff (CFO)

Barry Shotts (Business Development)

Alan DeClerck (VP Sales & Marketing)

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