Blackgold Bulldogs

The breeder of Joe Jonas’ pet, Blackgold Bulldogs has bred Bulldogs for over 15 years. Winston Jonas features a striking blue tri-color pattern and has appeared in numerous images on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Blackgold Bulldogs is a member of the American Kennel Club, which visits our home and inspects our dogs and AKC paperwork on a regular basis.

Blackgold Bulldogs prioritizes the health of mothers and puppies. Our puppies are born via cesarean section, the safest method of delivery for the puppies as well as their Dams. We feed our puppies around the clock every two hours. This results in puppies from Blackgold Bulldogs becoming well socialized for their new owners. Because Blackgold Bulldogs owns several generations of their Bulldog lines, buyers can count on consistency, quality, and in-depth knowledge of their lines.