Blue Sky Research, headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, is an innovative optical network components company that develops and manufactures key products essential for the deployment of optical communications networks. The Company has a series of products including Coolerless EDFA Pump modules, Optical Cross Connect Switches, Tunable Lasers, and Free-Space Laser Sources that offer unmatched performance at unbeatable prices. The company’s patented technologies form a solid base for significant product price/performance advantages in telecommunications and other electro-optics applications. Since entering commerce in 1995, Blue Sky Research has been building upon its proprietary technologies and volume manufacturing expertise. The company has experienced continuous expansion and, in year 2000, opened a wholly owned Singapore subsidiary, Blue Sky Systems.


Sandip Basu (CFO)

Chris Gladding (President/CEO)

Bob Potenza (SVP Sales & Marketing)

Joseph Kulakofsky (Director of Engineering)

Daniel Hu (CEO)

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