With bodyguardschool.com and the Center for Advanced Security Studies, students can be on their way toward a successful career in the private security industry in one month or less. Graduates of bodyguardschool.com programs have worked in countries throughout the world, including Afghanistan and Iraq.

Bodyguardschool.com’s flagship program is a month-long immersion course providing training in Florida and South America. It is among the most extensive private security training courses available to the public, and the average age of the students in this program is 35. The other programs offered by bodyguardschool.com include a 14-day high-risk tactical operator’s course and a tactical shooting course.

Bodyguardschool.com owes its success to the high-caliber instructors it employs. Shawn Engbrecht, Chief of Operations and one of the lead instructors with the Center for Advanced Security Studies, was in the United States Army from 1985 to 1994.