BooRah is the ultimate, personalized review guide providing consumers a smarter way to find great restaurants. BooRah’s patent-pending natural language processing technology automatically summarizes a collection of online reviews from bloggers, professional critics and consumers, and allows consumers to search based on their personal preferences. By capturing the community vibe and social essence of existing online groups, and comparing the results to an individual’s search criteria, BooRah delivers unsurpassed relevance with the broadest community reach.

BooRah’s service helps consumers achieve their ideal dining experience by allowing them to search thousands of restaurants to meet their individual requirements. BooRah currently delivers pertinent information gathered from over a 1 million online restaurant reviews in the top 20 metros across the United States including San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.


Eduard Hovy (Board Member)

Shrisha Radhakrishna (Director of Engineering)

Ani Nenkova (Board Member)

Kirthi Kalyanam (Board Member)

Eric Moyer (CEO)

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