Bridgelux is a leading developer and provider of high power indium gallium nitride light emitting diodes (InGaN LEDs) which provide an efficient, reliable source of blue, green, or white light in various solid state lighting, mobile appliance, signage, and automotive applications. The company has developed technology to fulfill an emerging market demand for large area (~1mm square) LED chips which exhibit high light output (~40 lumens) while consuming only 1 watt of power. Customers worldwide have been using BridgeLux chips to replace bulb technology in high volume applications since 2004. The mobile phone you are using today may have a Bridgelux chip in the camera flash, and the company’s chips can also be found in other lighting products in your home, office, or neighborhood, such as retail displays, reading lights, torches, LCD panel backlights, police car warning lights, and architectural lighting.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
04/08/08 Series C 30M Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, DCM, El Dorado Ventures, Harris & Harris Group, VantagePoint Venture Partners, VentureTech Alliance Unknown
02/01/11 Other 20.7M Unknown
10/01/11 Other 15M VantagePoint Capital Partners, DCM, El Dorado Ventures, Novus Energy Partners, IFA, Chrysalix Unknown
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Jim Diller (Board Member)

Scott Alberts (Board Member)

David Barnby (VP Sales & GM)

Yan Chai (Director of Technical Marketing)

Heng Liu (CTO)

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