Calypso Technology

Calypso is a global application software provider that delivers an integrated suite of trading applications to the capital markets function within banks and other companies participating in the world’s financial markets.

Founded in 1997, Calypso brought together the best capital markets business knowledge from financial centers in London, Paris and New York, combined with the best technology knowledge from Silicon Valley.

The Calypso Trading and Risk Management Platform is the industry’s first integrated application suite designed from the outset to be a front to back office, cross-asset platform for derivative and treasury products that readily adapts to change. Banks and other companies use Calypso to improve financial innovation and capitalize on ever-changing market opportunities. Calypso provides an open, modern platform that adapts to our customers’ needs today and in the future.


Paul Bardavid (Architect)

Hakim Erhili (CTO/co-Founder)

Robert Finnell (General Counsel)

Gerard Rafie (VP Marketing)

Ted Sidhu (VP Engineering)

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