Camfess is a place for people to share the secrets of their life. A place to give their “confessions” of what has happened to them. Sometimes fun and silly things are revealed; and sometimes, deep, dark secrets are revealed. It is as fascinating to view and connect with your friends’ videos as it is exciting and relieving to “Confess your Soul™” and post your own videos. The Camfess Community is just for you. You can post your own videos–share who you are by uploading My Real Video™ confessions. (It even feels good just saying some of these things out loud.) And if you want some anonymity, you even have the choice of disguising your face and/or your voice. (No other community gives you that option!). View and rate the videos submitted by others. And leave your own comments and opinions behind and share them with your friends. You can even send in your life problem questions to our resident advice columnist,”Ask Angie.” So go for it! Enjoy!



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