CenterRun is a privately held provider of application provisioning solutions for the enterprise data center. The Company’s first product, CenterRun, automates application provisioning through the -Touch installation, configuration, and updating of thousands of servers. By automating manual, repetitive, error-prone processes, CenterRun accelerates deployment time from days to minutes, increases data center productivity, and minimizes downtime caused by configuration errors.

Errors are quite common in any trade and the same applies to binary trading platforms as well.

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This is a comparatively new sector and is on the threshold of change. The system is becoming better regulated and efficient with every passing phase.It has generated a lot of hype and seems to be the trading trends of the future as well.It is used by the experienced as well as inexperienced traders looking to make a quick buck in the market. Leading companies in retail, e-commerce, financial services, and health care now rely on CenterRun for application provisioning.

CenterRun was acquired by Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ:JAVA) in 2003.