Ciphent’s suite of software development, security consulting, and training programs enables government and private industry organizations to innovate and reduce cost by leveraging technology solutions designed by the world’s largest secure development talent pool. Through the combination and infusion of deep application security expertise, software development, and custom technology integration, Ciphent has defined the “Secure Software Development” market.

Today, Ciphent’s team is developing applications for the most complex environments in a variety of languages to include: .Net, Java, PHP, Rails, C/C++, COBOL, and more. Ciphent is the only company in the industry offering PCI application remediation assistance, in which we fix the vulnerabilities your auditors and assessment tools identify. Ciphent is a private company headquartered in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area and has over 100 clients ranging from 2 million to 20 billion in annual revenue.


Steven Foster (Board Member)

Conrad Smith (Board Member)

Andrew Eye (COO)

Hillary Herlehy (Chief Human Capital Officer)

Kevin Harriford (Chief Architect)

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