City Dictionary is in the business of making city-specific information fun, relevant, and interactive. City Dictionary believes that the best way to learn about a city is by studying the unique aspects of its language and culture. Also, the website maintains that the source of city-specific language and culture is not a single individual, but large group of locals with diverse perspectives. That’s why City Dictionary uses the local masses to define US cities.

From local words and expressions to food, famous locals, neighborhoods, and local history–City Dictionary has the valuable local flavor that conventional city guides ignore. Perhaps more importantly, City Dictionary allows users to create dictionaries for all US cities, facilitating a more inclusive city experience.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
04/01/08 Seed Unknown Thomas Carmona, John Carmona, Colleen Carmona Unknown


Thomas Carmona (Director of Marketing and Business Development)

Sam Kimmel (Director of Technology)

Sam Kimmel (VP of Technology)

Thomas Carmona (VP of Marketing and Business Development)

John Carmona (President)

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