Coaxsys was founded to develop the fastest, easiest and most affordable home network available. We are proud to announce that our vision has become a reality. While there are a myriad of other home networking solutions today – they all have significant drawbacks. Issues with current approaches run the gamut from the lack of bandwidth in HPNA to support the transport of multimedia, to the expense and inconvenience of rewiring a house with expensive category 5 Ethernet cable, to the security and performance issues associated with wireless solutions. The company has developed PURE SPEED, a mechanism for utilizing existing simple, economical, and available home wiring to support the world’s most pervasive networking standard – 10/100 Ethernet.


Ali Taslimi (VP Corporate Development)

Jerrold Petruzzelli (Board Member)

John Morelli (CEO)

Ted Archer (Director of Marketing)

Jeffrey Bernel (Board Member)

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