At its core, CODA Automotive is less about cars, and more about a cause.

President and CEO Kevin Czinger’s vision is for CODA Automotive’s forward-thinking, all-electric car to help reduce dependence on foreign oil and lead the way to a much cleaner future. And he’s not alone. Supported by a passionate group of innovators, engineers, marketers and industrial experts, we at CODA Automotive are determined to bring our vision of responsible, eco-friendly transportation to fruition and create a livable future for generations to come. As Kevin explains, “I would not do this, and my family would not allow me to do this, if we didn’t think it had a greater purpose.”

Though our collaborative effort is global, our spirit is rooted in pure American entrepreneurialism. In 2010, we are bringing an all-electric, full performance electric car to the consumer market.

And not just to change the auto industry. To change the world.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
01/01/10 Series C 25M Unknown
05/01/10 Debt 1000M U.S. Department of Energy Unknown
01/01/11 Other 76M Unknown


Steve Heller (Co-chairman, CEO)

Lino Lauro (General Counsel)

Kevin Czinger (President, CEO)

Steven Heller (Board member)

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