Contour Energy Systems

Founded in 2007 out of the collaboration of CalTech and CNRS, the French National Center of Scientific Research, Contour Energy Systems is a next-generation battery company reshaping the portable power industry. The company is pioneering breakthrough advancements in new fluorine-based battery chemistries, nano-materials science and manufacturing processes.

Amassing over 60 patented and patent-pending technologies, Contour is developing advanced primary and next-generation rechargeable battery systems optimized to meet the most demanding power and energy density, reliability and safety requirements. Its battery systems are also being designed to perform in the most extreme operating environments with significantly improved price/performance. Contour is commercializing and licensing its technology portfolio to address a wide range of applications spanning the transportation, government and defense, medical, industrial and portable electronics markets.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
12/24/08 Series B 11M CMEA Ventures, Harris and Harris, US Venture Partners, Harris & Harris Group Unknown



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