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Coverity’s static source code analysis solutions automatically enable better software quality by providing development teams with tools to systematically measure, analyze, and improve both the inputs to the software production process and the results produced.

The broad areas of study to trade in the market are financial analysis and technical analysis. The financial analysts look at the income and the balance sheet to find investment opportunities. They look at the intrinsic value of the security and then understand whether the security is overvalued or undervalued. The other branch is technical analysis which the trading software like the Orion Code review uses.


What exactly is intrinsic value? The analysts want to find out if the share price of the company is expected to appreciate from the current price. They can expect the price to appreciate only if the current price is below the price that they think should be the right price of the security. This means that they think that the security is undervalued now. The intrinsic value gives the answer to the question, what do you think should the share price actually be?


Equity analysts want to seek the inherited value of the share and they then compare it to the current price of the market and this lets them determine whether they should be a buyer of the security or not.


A technical analyst studies the historic price of the stock and it looks at patterns to find out the real value of the security. Some important patterns that are seen are double top, head and shoulder and double bottom patterns. The upper limit is a resistance and when the price reaches close to it you should sell because it is an area of supply and the price should fall from that level. The lower end is the support level for the stock.

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