Cybermedia Software has marked its global presence by providing quality services in the software development and testing industry. We have partnered with companies in USA and are delivering cost effective & quality software development and testing solutions for the past 12 years.

At Cybermedia Software we are focused on delivering the highest quality. We are a global software development services provider, and offer several project delivery options, including onsite delivery, offsite delivery, and offshore delivery. Seeing that clients have unique needs, we evaluate and recommend a project delivery method that is the most appropriate and beneficial.

We have been in business for over 12 years as a company, and have a solid understanding of the software product lifecycle. We understand the challenges software companies face in today’s ever changing world in developing, maintaining and supporting their products and services. Our team is comprised of highly skilled senior enginee


Shashi Sudhanshu (Director, Business Development)

Sandeep Phadke (Chief Executive Officer)

Sanjay Patil (Director, Corporate Support)

Shashi Sudhanshu (Business Development Manager)

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