DailyMe is an advanced news destination that empowers users to choose the mix of news and information they wish to read, combined with their own customized schedule and delivery format. DailyMe recently added a Top News edition selected by the DailyMe editorial team and a DailyWe edition driven by our community to provide a more robust view of the day’s news.

All three DailyMe editions are drawn from the highest quality news content, which is aggregated, licensed and syndicated from top-tier publishers around the globe. This allows users to read full-length articles entirely within the DailyMe platform. The personalized DailyMe allows users to select their news preference from individual sources, topics or keywords – and have their news provided online, via email or through the unique automated printing feature.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
10/24/07 Series A Unknown Palladium Equity Partners Unknown



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