You’re spending millions of dollars on marketing. Competitors are breathing down your neck. Sales are “soft” and you need answers. You don’t have months to do test marketing. So what do you do?

Turn to DecisionPowerâ„¢ for answers to your tough questions. We’re a pioneer and leader in simulation software with revolutionary marketing analytics tools that let you create real-world market models right on your desktop. We help Global 1000 companies stay ahead of the competition by simulating their customers’ behavior — before it happens. Our products embed agent based modeling technology for unparalleled insights into:

* Advertising Media Selection & Optimization
* Non-traditional Media Influence (e.g. word of mouth)
* Brand Repositioning
* New Product Introductions
* Competitive Actions and Responses


Jack Koch (Board Member)

Vicki de Mey (Board Member)

Steve Noble (VP Software Development)

Ken Karakotsios (President/CEO)

Dean Dubbe (VP Finance & Operations)

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