Delver is an intelligent social search engine that enables you to find, experience and benefit from the wealth of information created and referenced by your social world.

The search engine allows you to discover and benefit from the collective wisdom of your friends, friends of friends, and people whose knowledge and value you admire. People around you are increasingly creating and sharing useful content online through: blogs, videos, reviews, articles, websites, music… and the list is only growing.

By cross-connecting all that content with your social graph, Delver aims to deliver search results that are truly relevant to you.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
06/01/07 Series A 4M Carmel Ventures Unknown
07/01/08 Series A 1.75M Carmel Ventures Unknown


Liad Agmon (Co-Founder & CEO)

Avital Yachin (Co-Founder & VP of Operations)

Moti Karmona (VP of R&D)

Yaron Fishman (VP of Product Management)

Sagie Davidovich (Co-Founder & CTO)

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