DemandTec (Nasdaq: DMAN) is the leading provider of Demand Based Management software for price and promotion optimization. DemandTec 3 Price, Promotion, Assortment and Placement applications help retailers and manufacturers plan, execute and measure highly-optimized merchandising strategies that meet financial goals for sales, profit and price image. The DemandTec solution is a radical departure from rules-based pricing, which assumes demand is linear to make a series of crude guesses on how consumers might respond to price changes. DemandTec recognizes that consumer demand for an item is as nonlinear as human behavior, and must include complementary, substitution and competitive pressures of other items in the store.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
09/02/02 Series C 8M Altos Ventures, Athena Technology Ventures, Crosspoint Venture Partners, Cargill Ventures, Evant Unknown


Wona Chung (Director of Marketing)

John Crouch (SVP Sales)

Lawrence Davis (VP Finance)

Phil Straniero (Board Member)

Jon Appleton (VP Legal Affairs)

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