DocuSign offers a web-based eSignature service which facilitates legal signage and speedy delivery of digital documents. DocuSing offers point and click signing with no need for a signature pad to allow for enterprise level customers to sign high volumes of documents very quickly. The company also has a “sequential signing” feature which allows for multiple signatures on one document.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
04/01/06 Series B 10M Frazier Technology Ventures, Ignition Partners, Sigma Partners Unknown
09/01/07 Series C 12.4M Frazier Technology Ventures, Ignition Partners, Sigma Partners, WestRiver Capital Unknown
12/01/10 Series C 27M Scale Venture Partners, Sigma Partners, Ignition Partners, Frazier Technology Ventures, Unknown
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Steve King (Owner)

Ken Moyle (Board member)

Lambert Jemley (Board member)

Bob DeSantis (VP, Sales & Business Development)

Matthew Schiltz (Board member)

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