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Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
Seed 1M Unknown
10/01/07 Series A 3.8M Shasta Ventures, Tugboat Ventures Unknown
02/01/10 Series B 1.25M Shasta Ventures Unknown



31Projects: 31Projects is an online platform which connects students and recent alumni who want to use their… See Company Profile » - 夸夸口,热热雷,神仙妖怪八仙荟萃,爱雷谁就雷谁 不知道是那一天了,就是有那么一天,我们突然发现身边太多有才的人 一些简单的元素被他们揉捏的极具创意 他们让我们流泪(当然是笑的不行) 他们令我们膜拜(主要有些人长的太高了) 当然,他们也会让我们鄙视(有些很JP的人和事) 才知道,竟然是他们,引导了我们的喜怒哀乐 我们太需要保留这些记忆 我们太需要珍视具有娱乐精神、雷锋精神、生活在这个和谐社会的你们 于是有了 “ - 夸夸口,热热雷” 于是有了… See Company Profile »
Talkbiznow: Talkbiznow provides an unrivalled, professional, networking platform, enabling smart communication between you and new found contacts… See Company Profile »
AfterCollege: Founded in 1999, AfterCollege, Inc. ( is the largest web-based career network for college students and… See Company Profile »
Beasom: Beasom is a Chinese social networking site catering towards those with international education (MBA) and working… See Company Profile »

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