This is one of the most brazen scams!

So, this software pops up one fine day!
Anyone who has been active in the computers and the technology field in the last couple of years would have undoubtedly heard about bitcoins, the new crypto currency. Apparently, a lot of people have hoarded a lot many bitcoins because it is not illegal. Now that is still okay. But what would you call software that tries to keep Bitcoin code for its name and have nothing, even remotely to with bitcoins?

Do they think we have no brains or is it an indication that they are criminals and so they would not be any good naturally? The Bitcoin code is one of the nastiest programs to have hit the internet. We will tell you why.

The CEO of the company:

When you hit their page, you see a handsome young man who is purportedly projected as the CEO of the program. Now, if you can even think practically, this man who looks like he is barely out of college can even design a program with sophisticated algorithms. Okay, even if you discount the fact that he has indeed got the talent and has written the program, why does the software not give any other information regarding his credentials? For instance, where he learned his computer programming skills from etc. surely, no one who is self-taught can with sophisticated code such as these which can generate thousands of dollars in profits daily!

The reality my friends is that this man who is called Steve McKay and alleged to be the key person in the company is nowhere connected to the program or even to online trading at all. He is a Frenchman whose image has been used by the company; hold your breath, without even seeking his permission, can you beat that?

And as if this much lie is not enough!

The program goes on lying between its teeth to a point that it becomes ridiculous to even listen. I cracked up totally when I read a testimonial there which claimed that a lady trader made half a million dollars in a span of six months. This is farthest from the truth. Come on now, if making money was so easy why would I be reporting to work daily? I would rather sit on my desk propped up in front of my computer and trade from home. Because I am here and working is proof enough that all this is a make-believe.

The income is only supplementary in nature. Period

If any program claims that you can make huge sums of money from online trading and in shortest possible time, be wary of them, run from there as fast as your legs can carry because these rascals are too good with their convincing skills.