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EcoSynergy’s Emissions Intelligence gives companies the information they need to understand, analyze and reduce the carbon footprint of their products and operations. We are an advanced Emissions Intelligence software platform for measuring, understanding, and communicating the carbon footprint of your current and future products, services, events and other operations.

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11/2008 Series A 2.3M Unknown


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NAME: Carbon information Management solutions
DESCRIPTION: Planet Metrics provides Carbon information Management solutions (CIM) that offer organizations a framework for assessing and strategically managing carbon emissions across the entire range of their enterprise activities.

Solutions are built on a Rapid Carbon Modeling (RCM) approach enabled by web-based, multi-dimensional software that helps organizations to create and deploy innovative sustainability strategies.

Combining existing Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) data, GHG Inventories, and other enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) application data, Planet Metrics’ Rapid Carbon Modeling approach and visualization tools synthesize complex, scientific data and processes into easy-to-use reports and dashboards. Your primary data is supplemented with Planet Metrics’ extensive database of secondary data to maximize the accuracy of your footprint at a minimal cost. In under a month you will have the tools to:

Quantify your baseline carbon footprint
Breakdown emissions by product, geography, division and more
Identify ‘hotspots’ and targets for carbon reduction
Analyze scenarios and potential carbon reduction projects
Track changes to your carbon footprint over time

SCREENSHOTS: Carbon information Management solutions product

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