Face 2 Face Sales Solutions


With several East Coast locations, Face 2 Face Sales Solutions provides services to clients seeking to build successful sales structures and grow their bottom lines. Headed by Chief Executive Officer Barry Reese and Chief Operating Officer Chris Ungarino, Face 2 Face Sales Solutions uses a combination of modern and traditional sales methods. The company also values good business ethics and responsibility both in its workforce and in customer interactions.

Face 2 Face Sales Solutions assists its clients in a number of ways. For clients with a regular revenue stream, the company can develop door-to-door sales campaigns, tailoring each sales plan to the client’s needs and complementing the client’s internal staff. Through these targeted sales efforts, Face 2 Face can help decrease the average cost per sale. For clients seeking assistance with business-to-business sales, Face 2 Face Sales Solutions has a proven model that allows companies to break into new markets.