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Current sites for career research are stodgy, confusing, and completely covered in advertisements. No wonder everyone is so intimidated to think about their future! We’re here to provide a place where students and young professionals can have fun exploring great places to work for, learn necessary skills towards their career path, and make supportive friends who have the same path and goals as you!

To start, register for an account and fill out your resume profile. You will then see your level and where you place in life. Company recruiters will also create quests for you to take in order to find qualified candidates. Your goal is to become the strongest player on your server (real life).


Jun Loayza (Chief Marketing Officer)

Jason Wei (CTO)

Yu-kai Chou (Chief Executive Officer)

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Brill Street & Co.: For students and recent grads who want to do more than post a resume on a… See Company Profile »

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