The story of Flowplayer began in 2005 when there wasn’t good video players around. There was no YouTube and the Internet seemed to lack the kind of video player that works on all major browsers. Flash technology came to rescue and Anssi placed a small open source project called “Flowplayer” to SourceForge. The first version was quite limited but enough to attract a few downloads per day.

Tero joined the team at the beginning of 2008 and started working on the website. Soon after that we realized that we want to make a player that is something different – something better. By envisioning how things should be in the web-video-land we laid down the plans for Flowplayer 3.0. The key points were the plugin architecture, rich customization possibilities and the JavaScript API. We wanted to make this tool primarily for “normal” web developers that master HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A standards based solution for all “Web 2.0” developers.



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