Fora.TV aspires to be the online video destination for users looking for topical, timely content on current events, business happenings, and political proceedings. The site pulls in content from various think tanks and public policy institutions, ranging from The Brookings Institution and Hoover Institution to C-SPAN. In addition, speeches from notable world leaders, political pundits, and industry leaders are available via Fora.TV. Founder and CEO Brian Gruber is familiar with the content he’s distributing, as he was the first marketing director at C-SPAN. While similar content can be found on YouTube, Fora.TV is looking to focus on a hard-to-reach segment that advertisers are looking to reach online.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
10/01/07 Seed 2M William R. Hearst III, Adobe Systems Incorporated Unknown
05/01/08 Series A 2M Adobe Systems, William Randolph Hearst III Unknown
05/08/08 Series B 2M Scott Cook, Adobe Systems Unknown


Allan Claghorn (Manager of IT Services)

Trevar Mazza (Director of Video Production Services)

Stuart Schulzke (Director of Content Development)

Gerald Baker (Board Member)

Will Hearst (Board member)

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