Gamestrata is your community connection to ‘next generation’ gaming. Our goal is simple: provide a platform that enables our users to get more out of their gaming experiences. As new games and content continue to hit the market, not much has changed in the way game information is delivered to the gaming audience. Tips, tricks, publisher interviews, reviews, previews – those are cool and all, but we think you need more. Thus, we have created GameStrata to bring together community aspects of gaming that have been enabled by the ‘next generation’ of gaming platforms. As publishers continue to release incredible gaming content, we continue to spend hours, days, and even weeks immersed in their creations – we want you to have a reason to love these games even more then they intended! This community is ABOUT YOU and FOR YOU! Use GameStrata to make your gaming experiences better for you and only you! We will continue to work directly with game publishers to provide really cool game statisti


Barry Dorf (COO)

Calvin Chan (Web Application Engineer)

Ben Lindsey (Director of Engineering)

Chris Wesley (Board member)

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