If you’ve given up on Craigslist and Ebay for selling your used electronic gadgets, you still might like Gazelle (formerly Second Rotation), a company that will buy your old ipod, phone, Wii etc and sell it on ebay. You find your item — a phone, a console, etc. — and tell Gazelle the condition. You print out a shipping package, ship it to the company, and they pay you a rate gleaned from multiple sources that should, in theory, reflect the real value of the device. Gazelle then sells the thing again, hopefully making a profit.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
01/01/08 Series A 4.4M Venrock, Austin Ligon, Ashton Peery, Henry Vogel Unknown
11/01/08 Series B 6M Austin Ligon, Henry Vogel, RockPort Capital Partners, Venrock Associates Unknown
07/01/10 Series C 12M Rockport Capital, Physic Ventures, Venrock Associates Unknown
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Austin Ligon (Board Member)

Mike Tyrrell (Board Member)

Ashton Peery (Board Member)

Henry Vogel (President & CEO)

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