Genieo Innovation is the creator of a multi platform generic personalization framework for PC, mobile device, Internet, TV and others.

Based on proprietary algorithms which extract user behavior, interests and preferences, Genieo’s core creates a unified personal profile, which can be used to render customized services to individual users.

The company’s vision is to become the leading source of user behavioral modeling, supplying content and application providers with effective means to address their users’ needs, and help advertisers and publishers with targeting personalized ads, with the utmost precision.

Genieo Innovation’s first product, naturally named Genieo, is a desktop application which employs Genieo Innovation’s framework as a mean to create a dynamic personal content portal (a Homepage). The profile created by the framework is used to automatically generate a set of micro topics based on the user’s interests, by which to retrieve and filter relevant content from the web


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
12/01/09 Seed 3M Unknown



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