Ginger Software is an exciting company that has developed a groundbreaking product for automatic text correction. Ginger Software’s mission is to facilitate error-free writing, particularly for struggling writers such as people with learning difficulties like dyslexia. About 15 percent of the population in the Western world suffers from dyslexia and the severe reading and writing difficulties that characterize it. People with dyslexia spend significant time, effort, and funds throughout their lives to improve their written communication. Nowadays people with dyslexia rely on help from other people to correct their errors. Ginger Software’s revolutionary Ginger Spell program has the potential to eliminate up to 95 percent of writing errors common to dyslexic people—automatically—and enable these people not only to independently produce error-free text, but also to do so via an encouraging, positive experience.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
01/01/09 Series A 3M Unknown
08/01/12 Other 5.4M Horizon Ventures, Harbor Pacific Capital Unknown


Avner Zangvil (Chief Architect, Co-Founder)

Miki Feldman-Simon (VP, U.S. Operations)

Yael Karov (CEO, Founder)

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