Global Energy Acquisitions MOG

With a demonstrated success in the energy trading and acquisitions industry, Global Energy Acquisitions MOG is led by the efforts of its president, Anslem Gbemudu.

Interested in trading? Looking out for a reliable source that can make your investments a worthy one? If this is your situation, then you are at the right spot; this is a review that is going to talk about the Tesler App, which is a new entrant into the market and has been labeled and stamped as one of the most reliable and authentic software in the entire trading market.

Tesler app – the success secret

It is understood that this is a very promising app that has benefitted many traders with their dreams. This software follows the lead pattern principle in analyzing and tracking the movements of the assets in the market constantly sending updates on time to the traders interested in trading on a particular asset. This is a progressive concept and is capable of bringing prosperity and making a trader profitable. And this is the success secret of this software. The payout ratio is 93% which is a good percentage in the market and there are close to 70+ assets traded on this trading platform. The trader is at absolute freedom to choose and trade on the asset of his choice with or without the support and guidance of the brokers.


A trading app is filled with lots of promising and expected features and one very important and most essential one is the presence of reliable brokers. These brokers or agents on this website must be registered with the trading commission to conduct their duties as brokers and this position or capacity is granted to them when they exhibit their trading activities to be following the standard trading rules and procedures. This is the basic criteria for a person to be operating as a broker for a reliable trading website. Of course, there are fake and fraudulent agents too who do not hold a legal license from the commission and they are denied the rights to function as a broker for not following the laid down rules of trading. And they are found attached to that software that makes their presence in the market obvious with fraudulent trading practices mainly to loot the traders of their hard earned deposit money.

So finding reliable software is not the only big task but also finding a reliable and trustworthy broker is one. But mostly all the websites that are recommended as reliable and apt for trading generally associate with them only those agents who are registered brokers and hence a contentment. So with Tesler app, you, your money and trades are going to be safe.

The company, which recently embarked on a partnership with international group of companies the Mayjorad Group, works through the Crude Oil Marketing Division of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation to distribute high-quality crude oil of low to medium density to clients in North and South America. Nigerian and West African Sweet and Light crude oils are traded around-the-clock by the company.

Throughout the last several years, Mr. Anslem Gbemudu has exercised his knowledge of the crude oil market and allowed Global Energy Acquisitions MOG to achieve an unprecedented level of success each quarter.

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