Global Factory enables companies with distributed manufacturing operations to reduce inventory, cycle time, labor and logistics costs and improve customer satisfaction and revenues by monitoring and managing actions that affect time, quantity and quality commitments. The company’s patented software solutions gather, organize and analyze demand, production and quality data from disparate sources, present and monitor key indicators and execute business processes to control, manage & optimize distributed manufacturing operations. We drive value through better on-time, on-quantity, on-quality performance. If you meet your time, quantity and quality commitments, we can help you increase resource utilization and lower costs while maintaining your standards. We deliver value with a new breed of enterprise software and patent-pending technology that lets you adapt dramatically quicker to changing requirements while leveraging your current infrastructure. Global Factory understands distributed manufacturing operations and delivers solutions that add immediate value.


Oren Zeev (Board Member)

Bill Rothenberg (VP Sales)

Dror Bukai (VP Marketing)

Michael Armistead (SVP Marketing)

Fred Bialek (Board Member)

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